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    Podcast Discussion - “X Game Crapahoola” - 2.7.22

    It's like the Olympics are just a giant TV show, and the group that runs it and it's main TV partner are constantly adding new events to have more content and attract new viewers. Are there any other major sports organizations that operate like this?
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    Podcast Discussion - “X Game Crapahoola” - 2.7.22

    Tony on luge: "I don't care about it. There's no way of telling who's good and who's bad." ... Perhaps they could use a method where precision timing systems measure how fast the competitors complete the course and then rank them by who finishes the four runs in the fastest combined time? This...
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    Podcast Discussion - “Principal Kornheiser?” - 12.17.21

    Rieger can come on and give the show some energy.
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    Podcast Discussion - “No to Sand!” - 11.8.21

    Apparently, Rieger got married. Does that make it more or less likely Tony asks her back?
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    Podcast Discussion - “Another sighting” - 10.13.21

    A chance to discuss Blake Treinen again, but it won't happen.
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    Podcast Discussion - “On the bag” - 7.19.21

    If you skip enough consecutive shows, you can pretend this is the summer hiatus and you’re counting down until everyone is back in studio this fall.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Glassware!" - 6.14.21

    I just skipped straigt to Liz, so the only thing I can add is that it was interesting to listen to Tony and Liz tie themselves into knots to downplay Djokovic’s career accomplishments compared to Federer and Nadal.
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    Podcast Discussion - "I didn't study cicadas" - 5.10.21

    That’s an incredibly narrow view of the American sports landscape, or at least one rooted in the era when the three biggest events each year were a heavyweight boxing match, the World Series and the Triple Crown. How old is Culpeper?
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    Podcast Discussion - "You Never Know" - 3.17.21

    I know why they didn’t do it, because it requires a minimal amount of though and extra effort ... but ... it would have been so simple to put together a separate podcast focused solely on bracket picks. Then you’ve satisfied those that demand the tedium of repeated picks (if they really exist)...
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Three Disappointments" - 3.10.21

    So from Tony’s perspective, with Duke and Kentucky done the TV portion of the NCAA tourney is over. Does that mean we can skip the readings of the brackets next week?
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    Podcast Discussion - "Turn it to the right and it gets louder" - 3.3.21

    I'm glad someone, maybe Forde, got to Tony and corrected him on his very lazy Gonzaga take from the other week. This may be one of the few years in the tourney when you take X in the "X vs the field" bet. I think it's similar to UNLV in the late 80s/early 90s. They may not be in a power...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Hi Peter, it's Tony" - 2.26.21

    I thought he said they accidentally put down his birth year in the space for when he first got the card, so it reads like he’s had it since birth.
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    Podcast Discussion - "OK, 41 Long" - 1.11.21

    The guy who submitted the music is heavily influenced by The 1975
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    Podcast Discussion - "Before we get to the belts" - 2.17.21

    That was ... an episode. Throw in dangers of vaccinations and the Biden's sham marriage, and you've got the Tucker Carlson grand slam.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Got Salt?" - 2.15.21

    My podcast app of choice offers the option to cut time off the beginning and end of podcasts automatically. My setting for this show is to end it with 6 minutes left.