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    Review the Last Movie You Saw

    Side Effects. Lots of twists in plot at end.
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    Buying a new TV

    Look in the March 2013 issue of Consumer Reports. They did tests on TV's in that issue.
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    Jeff Probst Talk Show Cancelled

    Who's next? Steve Harvey?
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    2013 Oscar Nominations

    9 is way too many for best picture. I wonder if Peter Lois Chris Brian & Meg Griffin will be making the best picture award presentation.
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    FOX Whacks The Mob Doctor

    Greed is the show that I used to enjoy Always enjoyed a show hosted by Chuck Woolery
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    Steven Tyler leaving American Idol

    Now J Low is leaving! ... pbox_links Oh no!
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    Steven Tyler leaving American Idol

    Joe Perry must be happy.
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    Review the Last Movie You Saw

    I also saw Ted. The original expectations were not high. Since parts were shot in Boston it was fun to see all the location shots. It was worth the movie pass that I buy from AAA. My big problem with the film was one patron. She was a row in front & kept on checking her smartphone for messages...
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    Mr. Irsay Your Super Bowl Contest Winner Voted Twice! ... ted-twice/
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    Review the Last Movie You Saw

    Another yes vote for Moneball. Art Howe gained a lot of weight for his role.
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    Another Fall TV Show is RIP

    NEW YORK — ABC says its revamped version of the 1970s hit “Charlie’s Angels” is being shut down after only four airings because of low ratings. The network said Friday that four more episodes remain to be aired.
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    Al Davis died today

    I will miss the fingernail camera shots on NFL games. And I am sure in the other life he is still crying about the tuck rule.
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    ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF Opening

    How about bringing back the original theme song?
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    Very confused

    Went the tune in radio route via Blackberry. [tk] Thanks for everyone's help.
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    Very confused

    It's the live feed I have a problem with. 980 ESPN kicks me out of my computer @ work