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    Podcast Discussion - "Can you give us the squawk once more?" - 6.9.21

    That email nearly made me vomit. So St Tony and St Mike are now responsible for building stronger family bonds? GTFOH with these trash ass kissing emails. I didn’t know family dinners were meant to bring people together to stare at a television.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Articulated Knees" - 4.19.21

    Wilbon's grandfather was 1 of 20? Wow, that is just incredible. As someone with only 2 first cousins and only one set of aunt/uncle on each side (mother/father had one sibling each), I can't comprehend that much family.
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    Podcast Discussion - "An Homage to Fromage" - 4.12.21

    i think the new rule is emails must recite the Wikipedia entry for questions TK has in the prior episode that everyone was too lazy to Google in real time followed with TK saying “ I didn’t know that, did you?” And Nigel always agreeing that he didn’t either
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    Podcast Discussion - "Barkley's first Seder" - 3.22.21

    that did crack me up. i wondered if he was trying to figure out the british accent for Syracuse and came up with that?
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    Podcast Discussion - "Anyone for Tennis?" - 2.22.21

    Wow hard pass for me dawg . Not even worth my nighttime podcast to fall asleep queue because this trash would anger me more than bore me
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    Podcast Discussion - "Got Salt?" - 2.15.21

    i'm going to return to listening to just the show opener, news if it has Gary, Jeannie, or a guest of interest, and the mailbag from my regular dose of MfBVA snark. oh and here's what is probably an unpopular opinion - i have no desire for the listener submitted music and wish it just didn't...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Dynasty of One" - 2.8.21

    This is exactly what I kept thinking. I pass it every time I go to warehouse liquors and was so confused how Mr. Chicago couldn’t remember Buddy freaking Guy!
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Peter Asher Cameo" - 2.5.21

    Goddamn joe arrow to the ears alert. Earbuds nearly popped
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    Podcast Discussion - "Let it snow...but not too much" - 2.1.21

    I didn’t even mention the end of that segment when Tony asserts that the Rams will win the SB next year and Wilbon gets confused and thinks he is calling the Lions to win. When TK corrects him as MW starts a dumb diatribe about the lions chances, rather than admit he misunderstood all MW says...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Let it snow...but not too much" - 2.1.21

    Wilson’s analysis of Goff vs Stafford is incredibly abysmal. How this man co hosts a daily sports show is beyond the pale. No nuance, no depth, just “Goff is better because he has been to a super bowl and the playoffs more than Stafford” wtf?
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    Podcast Discussion - "Welcome back Turd Ferguson" - 1.29.21

    Greg Garcia confirmed on Twitter that it was him and was disappointed TK figured it out so quickly
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    Podcast Discussion - "Ireland or Hechts?" - 1.22.21

    This would sum it up best
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Subaru of Ice Cream" - 1.13.21

    I like this. Who can get the most ridiculously false gushing email on air? I can’t believe I’m missing the days of those idiotic emails with personal stats and directions to work. At least they were short
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Subaru of Ice Cream" - 1.13.21

    Gotta wonder who works in marketing at Xpress VPN. What is it about the content of this show that screams to them that it’s listeners are tech saavy enough to know what a VPN is, let alone how to use it. And who is this crazy listener who emailed that listens to each episode 2x to filter out...
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    Podcast Discussion - "OK, 41 Long" - 1.11.21

    Sands could really do us all a favor by telling Michael he has no shot or just helping him get an entry level job at the network so he can get off papa’s teet. that opening after an incredibly expanded wild card weekend was an abomination.