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    Podcast Discussion - "Wilbon vs The Cicadas" - 6.7.21

    I would 100% rather listen to Beyer than Bilas drone on and on about Krzyzewski. And this is just the beginning. It'll be non-stop Krzyzewski from now until next May.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Kind of incoherent" - 5.28.21

    So I'm not disagreeing with you on your main points. I do believe (it might not have actually happened and the French Open might be backpedaling) that the Slams made a legit attempt to reach out to her/her "team" and they did not hear back so they went forward. Like I said, the fact that Osaka...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Kind of incoherent" - 5.28.21

    Bahaha I'm not exactly happy about it. I totally get her reasoning of mental health for not doing the pressers, but as they (I think they said it on the podcast, either that or it was on PTI) Osaka made $55 million from tennis last year. Is 20 minutes after each match too much to ask? It might...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Kind of incoherent" - 5.28.21

    I'm a little disappointed that TK didn't rip Osaka more.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Mmmm, that's good cicada" - 5.19.21

    I wish there was a show today just so TK could talk about the Nats from last night. Sweet Lou? No, that's Davey tossing 1st base!
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    Podcast Discussion - "Read the Lines, Cash the Check" - 5.18.21

    Branching off of yesterday's thread - TK said today that he might never eat indoors at a restaurant ever again.
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    Podcast Discussion - "HOF" - 5.17.21

    The only time TK seemingly leaves his house are for three things: 1. Walking the dog B. Doctor's appointments 4. Golf/vacations I've said this before, I do not criticize TK at all for wanting to stay safe. But you can't have it both ways - you can't go on vacation and go play golf and...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Bag O Gas" - 5.14.21

    I used to listen to the ads on the show, because more TK is good, right? But about 3 months into it I started skipping just like every other podcast I listen to.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Harpard College?" - 5.7.21

    There's a word for this. It's called a coworker. Though they're not coworkers
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    Podcast Discussion - "Nigel, set the board to zero" - 5.3.21

    The best part about Wilbon's segment was that he admitted to watching the draft a lot over the weekend. Come on man, what are we even doin out here man?
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    Podcast Discussion - "I Got a Horse Right Here" - 4.30.21

    It would be even better if TK actually remembered the corrections
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Agony in My Life" - 4.28.21

    See I don't have a problem with him not going to PTI if he wasn't really going anywhere else/is just cautious. Even if he is vaccinated. But he just went on vacation to South Carolina to play golf and everything. And he's talking about hosting his high school friends in Delaware. I'm sure...
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    Podcast Discussion - "What day is it?" - 4.26.21

    I'm a little confused, is Wilbon saying that Kim Mulkey's departure was due to her politics? Isn't Baylor a conservative university? It seems to me like they would mesh up quite well, I haven't seen anything that says that Baylor is trying to change their image that much. And what about the...
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    Podcast Discussion - "What day is it?" - 4.26.21

    I agree with Wilbon about the draft in that I do not care about it at all. I also do not care about the NBA draft. Or the MLB draft, or any of them!
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    Podcast Discussion - "One bagel shy" - 4.21.21

    So I want to give props to the show (and someone else pointed this out first) but Michael doesn't seem to be at the table anymore for the guest interviews. So maybe some feedback got through?