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    Podcast Discussion - "Wilbon vs The Cicadas" - 6.7.21

    I'm pretty sure Knight is out of it. He wasn't even well enough to speak when he returned to IU, only screaming DEE-FENCE to the crowd.
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    Podcast Discussion - "What's the deal with birds?" - 5.24.21

    In case anyone was wondering, Wilbon has the pleasure of interacting with professional golfers ALL the time.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Harpard College?" - 5.7.21

    He was always nice to me ?
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    Podcast Discussion - "One bagel shy" - 4.21.21

    Couldn't agree more with Liz, and you won't find a bigger college football fan with me. LSU's new locker room, which opened like five years ago, includes sleep pods for each player (because forcing these finely tuned 21 year olds to walk across their dorm to take a nap is too much), a movie...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Articulated Knees" - 4.19.21

    I don't understand -- If they can pump Gary, Jeanne, etc in for the news segment, why can't they do it for the entire show? This is why I fear this is going to be the show going forward, post pandemic. Tony and Michael is just un-listenable.
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    Podcast Discussion - "An Homage to Fromage" - 4.12.21

    Not a bad show. I don't have an issue with golf talk the day after the Masters. It's their own stories about playing, along with disccssion of the Nonsense.Com challenge that bugs the hell out of me.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Let go of my Lego" - 4.8.21

    LOL - Michael’s psychoanalysis of a driving accident. OR Tiger was behind schedule and he was speeding. Could be that, too.
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Dog vs Grandchild Debate Continues" - 3.25.21

    Yeah I'm a huge Tom Petty fan and I didn't know which song he was referring to. Very sad I never got to see him in person. I guess it's more sad for him, being dead and all. I wonder if the NCAA will keep this Sweet 16/Elite Eight format. I would have the think the raitings were through the...
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    Podcast Discussion - "You Never Know" - 3.17.21

    I wonder if they are even aware that the Tournament doesn't start until Friday this year.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Turn it to the right and it gets louder" - 3.3.21

    Why the hell would Binghamton name an interim coach for the entire off season/season? Makes no sense. You do that when the coach has to resign like a month before the season starts. All that will do is confuse/turn-off the few recruits this cycle that may actually be interested in their program.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Hi Peter, it's Tony" - 2.26.21

    I just assumed Tony signed him up for one at birth to accumulate points or something.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Do you have a cat?" - 2.24.21

    He used to do that on Chatter on Books every episode. It was cringe-worthy. Thank god he’s no longer on that show. And the second interview was...ugh. Tony was channeling his inner Glenn Beck.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Anyone for Tennis?" - 2.22.21

    Golf and Tennis....Talking about golf and tennis is why Junior got fired from CBS Sports Radio, because nobody listened.
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Water Bill" - 2.19.21

    Great spot. "We can still humiliate these bastards".