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    Podcast Discussion - "OK, 41 Long" - 1.11.21

    Haha - Trump should host his own tournament opposite the PGA Championship. I hope he does - Go for it. It would turn out worse than when CART tried to stage their own open wheel mega race opposite the Indy 500. At least they got some major drivers; Trump would get nobody.
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    Podcast Discussion - "OK, 41 Long" - 1.11.21

    This is an all time low for this show. Leading with a golf tournament nobody watched after wild card weekend with the NC game tonight. Pathetic.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Sugar Sugar" -1.6.21

    Not sure -- But I would recommend James Carville's podcast. Very interesting, and he does delve into sports from time to time. It's only on once a week or so, but very informative -- "Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt"
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Great Condiment Debate continues" - 1.8.21

    We could all land in the clink for this!
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Great Condiment Debate continues" - 1.8.21

    So before I listen -- Did he not talk about the mob at all? Also -- And I say this as a huge Notre Dame fan -- Who the f+++ would buy a book written by a special teams coach? I mean he seems like a nice guy, he's a good special teams coach, and a good (not great) recruiter, but I could give a...
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    Podcast Discussion - "There's no I in Jeanne" - 12.31.20

    Can't blame him on that one - I live in PA and had never heard of it. I give the Duke's people credit for adding "Mayo" to the bowl title, though. Had they not, I legit would have thought it was the baked bean company. Still don't know what the hell RedBox, BattleFrog, or Belk is.
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Moon is the same size, right? - 12.30.20

    I wonder how much the station was paying Tony's guests to call-in and talk sports for ten minutes a week. I'm still trying to figure this out -- Tony felt so guilty that he wasn't going to pay Bob Ryan to be on his show, he refused to ask him to come on for several years? Tony and Wilbon appear...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Waiting for Kip" - 12.9.20

    I crush this show (and rightfully), but I do enjoy Kevin's forecast. For some reason I just find it totally hilarious, and I'm glad they got Jeanne and Gary to call in as well. Hopefully it leads to having the regulars on more often. And the golf story was both boring and pathetic. Ohhhh---...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Who defied me?" - 12.7.20

    That card discussion was shtick -- The problem is it was totally unfunny shtick, and the conversation lasted three minutes longer than it needed to. Tony and Michael seem to think that these constants discussions of the dog, online shopping, etc are really funny. They were funny back in the...
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    Podcast Discussion - "We'll always have Game 6" - 12.4.20

    The best part is - At some point early during the pandemic; maybe in May, he went on a five minute diatribe about how they were going to make an effort to get new guests, a bigger variety of guests, and how great it would be. Another question -- Nigel is there -- Why can't they do a news...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Who doesn't have the parts?" - 12.2.20

    Las Vegas Bowl also cancelled. The thing is this - the idea that these bowls are only made-for-TV events and that attendance doesn't matter is somewhat of a misnomer. Even though many if not most of the non-NY6 games have thousands of empty seats, those seats are payed for. If you are in a...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Incessant Balls of Yarn" - 11.27.20

    Interesting how Tony made it seem like - because they aren’t in studio, they can’t have regulars on. Gary was at the Notre Dame/UNC game, he would be great to have on Monday. I’m sure instead we will get Wilbon and god knows who else.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Your Subaru and Peloton HQ" - 11.20.20

    No need to listen. I like Jason, but other than that blah. It’s ironic that Torie can figure out podcasts and have DA on, and Jeanne will be on the next one, but it’s just this now.
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    Podcast Discussion - "A Tale of Two Chucks" -11.18.20

    "We're going to have Chuck Culpepper on to talk about college foobtall, but a third of the interview will be about golf, and I won't ask him about a single college football team"
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    Podcast Discussion - "I hope I said that" - 11.6.20

    I still think it’s an act with Luke. He knows he’s an ass. That said, it was pathetic they didn’t even discuss the election results or what could happen. Good thing Ma was able to check in, though.