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    Review the Last Movie You Saw

    Cold War. Amazing. Felt absolutely timeless. Can't understand how it (and Leave No Trace for that matter) didn't get a Best Picture nod. I've seen most of the nominees and this one blows most of them out of the water.
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    Media Day Podcast Discussion - 1.30.18

    He would have made a great character in "Get Out."
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    Don Imus to end his Radio Show

    One of my college friends referred to him exclusively as a "fossil" and that was 20 years ago!
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    Last Football Picks of the Year Podcast Discussion - 12.21.17

    Is there any way they both can lose?
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    Winter Storm Preview Podcast Discussion 12.8.17

    Nope...they were the very last power conference team to release their non-conference schedule this year. Based on what I know, only the Syracuse and Maryland-Eastern Shore games were set before the summer. Plus, they were supposed to be the Big East rep in the UNC side of the PK80, but withdrew...
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    No Winter Weather Podcast Discussion -12.1.17

    Seeing "The Disaster Artist" tonight at the Music Box, followed by a Q&A with the screenwriters.
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    The Soccer Thread

    You say that, but I bet FIFA would go out of its way to keep screwing UEFA in the playoffs. :icon_chortle:
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    The Soccer Thread

    UEFA isn't getting a place in the playoff tournament. It's one team from each of the other five confederations with the sixth team coming from the World Cup host's confederation.
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    At The Movies with Arch & Ann 11.10.17

    I wonder where you got that idea...
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    Podcast Discussion 2.15.17

    Oh dear God, those are my dad's picks.
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    Podcast Discussion 1.30.17

    Cillizza on Twitter last night
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    Podcast Discussion 1.30.17

    What? He has Tom Fucking Cotton on the show now? Tony is very nearly dead to me.
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    Podcast Discussion 1.20.17

    Except the NCAA will never allow the tournament to be held in a venue where there's gambling. They already withdrew events from Jersey during the brief time sports wagering was permitted there.
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    Andy Polley is Done at ESPN 980

    I just saw this on Facebook and oof. I just hope Tony brings him on at least once in a while.