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  • Your post Thurs Sept. 10, 2015 in daily Off Topic: "Ya know, if for some reason this show ever changed it's theme song, “The Whole Damn Thing” by 'Those Darlins'" would be kinda fun.
    I used that to create lyrics for a Mailbag Jingle. I'd like you to review 4 stanzas before I contact Jerry Negrelli. I'm thinking Kjerstin singing. Those Darlins = 3 chicks on guitar. What's your email? TTFN, Steve Zilla
    Not sure if you still have ties to U Michigan, but the men's lacrosse team is playing at Johns Hopkins this Saturday @ 12:00. Next month they get Maryland in the Big House.
    Beth checked their website. They're on vacation and reopen next Saturday. Nothing about the display cases, etc. being removed though. Getting new ones, I guess.
    Pastries by Randolph at Lee Heights has been gutted. Problem with the lease or rent? We noticed for first time while driving by this evening, couldn't tell if a sign is on the door.
    Nothing here either. Erin must have decided that weeknight game and little interest in game aren't worth the effort or cost.
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