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    Current State Of The Show.....

    Those mattresses won't stuff themselves with money.
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    CBS 2020 Fall Schedule

    For years my wife has been into NCIS. I had never watched more than a few minutes of any show, until last night. I watched one on hulu with the boy, until it was his bedtime. Then I finished watching it. So weird. Mark Harmon is on a date in his basement with a woman when his phone rings...
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Poonah" - 5.18.20

    His Wiki is a hot mess. 40+ Siblings? Kim Jong-un? 8 inch growth spurt AFTER high school?
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    When will PTI return to the studio

    Wait, he's actually NOT taking the moron's side on this?
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    Podcast Discussion - "Integrating the End Zone" - 4.6.20

    Same Dan Bern I saw at Iota circa 1998, Fifty Eggs tour?
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    PTI Week of March 30 - April 3, 2020

    Maybe because of this?
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    Review the Last Movie You Saw

    The original Parent Trap. I knew Haley Mills played both twins, but noticed that in some shots, one twin was taller than the other. Apparently due to growth spurts during filming.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Is that Bob Ryan's phone?" - 3.18.20

    Looks like they are showing last year's tournament on NBC.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Is that Bob Ryan's phone?" - 3.18.20

    Were they still in the Rockville location in 2014? I had a class in the same building as that studio. Don't recall the name of the building, but it very close to a metro.
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    Podcast Discussion - "He's a Faberge Egg" - 3.16.20

    How about best songs about/referencing Phoenix? Presumably Glen Campbell/Jimmy Webb is way up there. Gordon Lightfoot, Old 97s, Public Enemy...