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    ESPN, NFL, Reportedly Agree to Extend MNF Deal Through Next Decade

    Good for the NFL for not giving the mothership playoff/Super Bowl rights. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it's all on ESPN by the end of the decade.
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    30 on 30

    I was surprised at how well done these are. Jen (Who isn't a big sports fan) watched Jimmy the Greek with me, turned to me, and said it was pretty good. Also, I feel like I learned something after every one I watched. My Top 5: June 17th, 1994. I just loved how this film was shot with the...
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    Best/Worst Christmas music..

    Best: Nat King Cole-The Christmas Song The entire "Charlie Brown Christmas" album (Representing the album in this collection is "Skating") What may be a controversial choice by some, Band Aid's "Do They Know...
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    James Franco and Anne Hathaway Hosting The 83rd Academy Awards

    Who approved this? This sounds about as exciting as the reality hosts for the Emmys a couple years ago.
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    How are you feeling about your team? NFL edition.

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    Wilbon leaving Washington Post for ESPN

    Mike's 51? Yeesh!
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    Movie scenes that make you cry

    Re: Movies scenes that make you cry Here are a couple of mine. First, back when ND had an ounce of street cred: The stampede scene from Lion King: From the underrated Radio...
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    The Penultimate Sign of the Coming Apocolypse

    Sign of the Apocolypse part 2: Fran Drescher is getting a talk show.
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    PTI Week of November 15-19

    Agreed, but the guts to put up with Joe Buck in the booth gets points with me.
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    Simpsons Renewed for 23rd Season

    Exactly. I went to opening night of the Simpsons Movie, and surprisingly, IMO, a lot of the audience were parents who brought their kids. I mean, I was raised on the show and I turned out okay.
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    Simpsons Renewed for 23rd Season Despite the declining quality of the show (Has their a good episode in the past 5 seasons that was good minus the one on evolution?), Al Jean's comments are always a hoot.
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    PTI Week of November 1-5

    Probably having to do with ESPN's TV deal with the (cough) Miami Heat. As alternate programming over said guest I suggest the following clip: The difference? The chickens are actually entertaining.
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    Cover Songs

    Now an example of where the cover takes the original out to the woodshed and the original is never seen again. [youtube]
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    The Soccer Thread

    For a soccer outsider looking in, does Rooney's departure from Man U mean a possible MLS arrival for him, or does he still have something left in the tank that a Premier League team would pick him up?
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    Show Discussion Monday October 18, 2010

    I get it's the team's flagship and they happen to be owned by the same guy. However, do they realize that if the program Tater postgame from Sunday night at 11:30 to Monday night at 9 that people not interested in this team will in fact tune out at some point?