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    Podcast Discussion - "Glassware!" - 6.14.21

    Wow, she looks remarkably well for someone who had brain surgery less than two weeks ago. Wish her the best. Historically, TK has been reluctant to talk publicly about health issues. I remember him saying health matters should be private unless someone wants to talk about it. But yeah, that...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Glassware!" - 6.14.21

    Can someone fill us non-locals in on Wendy Reiger? I did a search and saw she had a heart attack but that was months ago.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Can you give us the squawk once more?" - 6.9.21

    Exactly. It's like shilling Extenze for ED. Snake oil.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Can you give us the squawk once more?" - 6.9.21

    As someone who was fitted with hearing aids recently, the way TK does that Nuheara read is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Everytime he does that read, I'm like: Go see an audiologist, get a hearing test and get fitted with proper hearing aids and you can hear 100% of the time. All you...
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    Podcast Discussion - "A Man in Search of an Argument" - 6.3.21

    Jeannie! So glad she put TK in his place about the glasses and wasn’t all deferential like Michael and Nigel have been for the past year and a half. Also, I think there’s greater cause for a class action suit against TK for making seniors look bad than there is against AMEX customer service...
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    Podcast Discussion - "A Feast for Chessie" - 5.31.21

    The way they were tiptoeing around the Naomi Osaka discussion shows how much the culture has changed on the last five years. If this happened during the French Open in 2016, I don’t think the discussion would be so circumspect. At the very least, people would be calling her a diva.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Tony's List" - 4.5.21

    Auburn-Alabama Iron Bowl 2013. Missed FG returned for a TD.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Barkley's first Seder" - 3.22.21

    He wasn’t on PTI yesterday either. I hope this was planned and not something unexpected. The show’s audience relations is really bad. You’d think they’d say in advance there’d be no Wednesday show or have Nigel or Michael post a quick tweet or something today. Then again, everything about the...
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    Podcast Discussion - "The Three Disappointments" - 3.10.21

    Today’s episode title giving me PTSD flashbacks to Chinese government slogans: Achieve the Four Modernizations! Uphold the Five Virtues! Maintain the Six Stabilizations!
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    Podcast Discussion - "Hi Peter, it's Tony" - 2.26.21

    This is the part that is confusing to me. Michael had an American Express card as a child? Children are allowed to have credit cards in the United States?
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    Podcast Discussion - "Hi Peter, it's Tony" - 2.26.21

    I’m a foreign Little so American Express isn’t well-known around here. Can someone explain Michael’s “member since ‘86” comment. Is he saying he had an American Express card in 1986?
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    Podcast Discussion - "Do you have a cat?" - 2.24.21

    Was it a porn star? I remember it was a waitress from IHOP or Waffle House. I distinctly recall making jokes about it at the time with my pals. Granted, it was a long time ago. It’s actually quite alarming how long ago it was.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Even Gary" - 12.29.20

    I wonder if he really saw the light because of e-mailers or, if the answer to all your questions is money, someone from Cadence One had a conversation with him about numbers. Whatever. The main thing is the show is much more alive and way more enjoyable now.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Maybe Louise Gluck" - 12.23.20

    Haven't laughed so hard listening to the TK show in a long time. That Greg Garcia segment was great.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Happy Holidays" - 12.24.20

    This show is so much more alive when it's not just TK and Michael. They should have gone this way starting back in September. As always, I wish TK would just let Ann finish her thoughts instead of interrupting her with a barely related lame aside. It's great to have Gary back. His timing is...