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    Podcast Discussion - "Thelonius Monk's Table?"

    I laughed out loud when Super G dropped the Bethesda Bagel read. That said, I agree with your point about his appearances of late. Basketball analogy, Gary isn’t the type of guy who creates his own offense. He relies on reacting to what’s going on with the other players on the court to get his...
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    Podcast Discussion - "66" - 6.29.20

    Well, he is Tony Kornheiser, 71, if I was 71 and had his money I don’t know if I would even be motivated to do two truncated shows a week.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Fat Rabbits" - 6.10.20

    I thought Chuck Todd’s river/erosion analogy was quite apt. But who knows what’s going to happen in five months. Look at what we went through in the past five months: Impeachment, people freaking out that World War III would start over Iran (remember that?), Covid-19 and, now, police...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Fat Rabbits" - 6.10.20

    I had a smile on my face listening to that segment. Something reassuring and heartwarming about the rhythms with which old friends talk.
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    Podcast Discussion - "Happy Trails #41" - 6.3.20

    Do you guys remember the show after the VA Tech shooting in 2007? Maybe my memory is influenced by nostalgia but I remember that show being very good. I think it was TK, Jeanne and Liz or Tracee Hamilton that day. Michael needs to drop the “this is awkward” bit he does with the MeUndies read...
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    Podcast Discussion - "For What It's Worth" - 6.1.20

    I agree. Though I wish Wilbon didn’t watch 7 hours straight of CNN. CNN is more news channel performance art than an actual news channel these days. You go to CNN to get your opinion confirmed rather than to see what is going on in the world. Speaking of performance art, I wish TK would have...
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    Podcast Discussion - "I don't believe in drive thrus" - 5.4.20

    I think you hit the nail on the head. In a group, it’s a self-depreciating anecdote. Alone, it’s a rant. A sad display of someone who can’t adjust to current times.
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    Podcast Discussion - "I don't believe in drive thrus" - 5.4.20

    Up until today, I’ve found TK’s old man in modern times stories amusing but this drive-through story wasn’t funny. It was sad. ATMs have been around for at least thirty to thirty-five years now. It’s not new technology. If you’re worried about security, go in broad daylight. Also, ATMs are...
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    Podcast Discussion - "Certainly not alcohol" - 4.15.20

    Kind of sobering this morning to hear a normally chipper and upbeat Super G sound a bit morose.