30 for 30

At first, I loved 30 for 30. It was a great series that had me compelled to watch every episode, and many of them remain pretty compelling. However, I don't think it's holding up to its goals:
to recount the sports stories, people, and events from the past 3 decades in which they (1) took a personal interest or involvement, however great or small, and (2) felt that said stories had not been fully explored. Simmons and his team took special interest to "stories that resonated at the time but were eventually forgotten for whatever reason."
Most of the series, IMO, fits that and I've learned many things about different topics. However, I'm calling two future episodes out: "The House of Steinbrenner" about George Steinbrenner's tenure with the Yankees and "Four Days In October" about the Yankees collapse in the 2004 ALCS. Excuse me, but hasn't Yanks/Sauchs and the reign of "The Boss" been "fully explored"? There isn't a more intriguing storyline in baseball in the past 30 years that isn't worth covering? I can name several: The 94 strike and how it impacted the game, Kirk Gibson's home run in the 88 World Series, the rise and fall of the Expos; I could go on, but basically, shame on ESPN for ruining a perfectly good documentary series with your east coast bias!


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I'm going to have to nix your idea about the Gibson homer.  Anything that casts a negative light on The Eck should never be relived by anyone, ever.  Ever...