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This website (www.thiswebsitestinks.com) and the Andy Polley Happy Fun Time Message Board Extravaganza (APHFTMBE) are neither affiliated with nor sanctioned by Anthony Irwin "Tony" Kornheiser, his employers (WTEM, ESPN), or the Sheehan Boys.

This is a site run and paid for by fans (RE: Bill Lehecka, :icon_zod:) and contains discussions of a wide-ranging and diverse manner. Opinions and backgrounds are as varied as the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine, though, the occasional droid is allowed to reside here (RE: Toddbot).


First, some history. The name, from whence it came:

It's from when the show was on WTEM in 2005. TK had just made a great little jingle and name for Andy Polley's sports updates: Andy Polley's Happy Fun Time Sports Extravaganza! (Now Featuring Story Time with La Sooz).

For reference, here is the sound clip:


I just replaced Sports with Message Board, and voila! - Bill Lehecka


And now some board philosophy (courtesy of Mr. Tony):



Post Padding

Point of clarification on Post Padding... If you're responding to posts in a natural fashion and you're personally not trying to distract or hijack a thread, then it ain't post padding. Post Padding is posting constantly to the point of being an attention whore or to increase your post count solely so you can raise your post title status. - Zod