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The paperback edition of the New York Times bestseller, Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside The World of ESPN, hits bookshelves this week. According to author and ESPNologist James Miller, the paperback contains 50 pages of new material. Miller also includes an afterward in which he reflects on how the hardcover was received. "Certain comments that we and the reader may have found refreshing were apparently too candid for ESPN management or those on the receiving end of them," Miller writes. "At least six formal apologies were either mandated or proffered in the book's wake." One of those apologies was reported here at

Sports media junkies will enjoy the new material, including one story that we're sharing here (with the permission of the author). It resulted in ESPN anchor Hannah Storm getting an extra $500,000 thanks to Tony Kornheiser's mouth (Last February, ESPN suspended Kornheiser for two weeks for his comments about the wardrobe of Storm. Kornheiser said Storm had a skirt on that was "way too short for somebody her age" and that "she's what I would call a Holden Caulfield fantasy at this point.")

From the paperback:

"Kornheiser's comments would leave behind an ironic legacy. His suspension by no means put an end to coworkers' fascination with Hannah Storm's outfits -- the gossiping and backbiting never even slowed down -- but in a way, Storm had cause to be extremely grateful to her cranky nemesis. Before Kornheiser volunteered his crude form of fashion commentary that day, Storm was in negotiations to renew her ESPN contract at a yearly figure stuck in the mid seven hundred thousands. But her "ordeal," and the ensuing attention it brought her, very likely contributed to the fact that once the new contract was signed and sealed, the happy number for her was $1.2 million. As one executive said, "Kornheiser opened up his mouth and got clipped for two weeks' salary, but Hannah walked away with a dividend of close to half a million dollars."

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