Giants don't rate on 'MNF'


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Giants don't rate on 'MNF'

The combination of the Vick-less Falcons, a blowout game and competition from baseball conspired to produce the lowest rating in the history of "Monday Night Football" this week.

The Giants' victory attracted 6.7 percent of homes that have ESPN and an estimated 8.5 million viewers. (NBC's Sunday game drew 7.1 percent of all U.S. homes, a prime-time NFL low on broadcast TV.)

That means relatively few were watching when Jimmy Kimmel made his memorable appearance as a booth guest, cracking awkward jokes about everything from deposed analyst Joe Theismann to betting on NFL games to Mormons.

ESPN officials were not amused, but the network issued a statement Wednesday opening the door to future visits from Kimmel, who has a talk show on sister network ABC.

"We have had a great relationship working with Jimmy and we will continue to work with him in the future," it read.

Kimmel was surprised by some of the reaction.

"Everyone [in the booth] was laughing, whether you can hear it or not," he told "If people were not laughing, I would not have continued with it."

Next week's booth guest will be actor Russell Crowe, who is, um, not known as a jokester.