Homeless man found naked, with cheese


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Homeless man found naked, with cheese
June 25, 2:06 AM
Cincinnati Crime Examiner
Kimberly Bryan

A homeless man was found naked in the Main Library of Cincinnati, armed with knives and with 4 pounds of stolen cheese.

52 year old Darrell Bess had been  banned from the library for stealing books and DVDs in the past.

He was found Wednesday in the bathroom taking a bath out of one of the sinks. He was also found to be armed with knives.

When police searched Bess' backpack they found more stolen items from the library and a 4 pound block of Parmesan cheese stolen from a local grocery.

According to the Hamilton County Court Clerk Bess has a history of strange thefts; such as sardines and herring.

His most recent run in with police involves stealing chocolate candy from a Graeter's store.

Bess' non-jury trial is set to begin July 19th.