Jim Rome Returns


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Via Richard Dietsch of SI.com

The Return Of Rome

Jim Rome starts burning again next week. The sports talk-host will make his CBS Sports debut during coverage of the 2012 NCAA Final Four as his new daily half-hour show, ROME, debuts on CBS Sports Network on April 3. The show will air weekdays at 6:00 PM, ET. "I going to do the things I have always done," Rome tells SI.com. "I'm going to rant. I'm going to do interviews. I'll be putting panels together. But I don't want to do the same show I've always done."

The biggest difference from his long-running ESPN2 show, Rome Is Burning? Rome said that he will not conduct an interview every show and that he wants to give new voices a shot. "I want to make use of bloggers and make use of some guys who have not been out there," Rome said. "The other thing I want to do more of is social media. I love Twitter and I want make use those things."

As part of his multi-year deal with CBS, Rome will also host a monthly sports and entertainment series on Showtime (former ESPN content head Mark Shapiro, the CEO of Dick Clark Productions, is the executive producer of the Showtime show) that debuts this fall. Rome said this will be a different show from his daily CBS Sports Network show, with a mixture of entertainment and sports guests."I've never tried anything like this before," Rome said. "It's pay cable. It's an hour long. Just by virtue of where it is, I have to give them something difference. But at the same time I know who I am and I know where I live. I am not going to compromise my brand. There will not be one F-bomb."

Rome also will contribute to CBS Sports' coverage of the NFL, NCAA basketball and U.S. Open Tennis Championships, as well as other select events. Look for him to do interviews and lead some panel discussions. "I think the thinking is maybe I am a little bit different than some of what they have so let's give him some opportunities," Rome said. "This week I'll be in New Orleans at the Final Four for what looks like some interviews and maybe some other stuff which a coach at the Final Four.

While the CBS Sports Network is in 99 million homes, it draws far less viewers than ESPN. "I'm not worried about that," Rome said. "That's part of the challenge. Look, they are bringing me in for a reason: I think they want me to help people direct me to it. That's part of my job. Let people know where we are help grow this thing."

Rome dismissed the idea that he was pushed out of ESPN or that he and management butted heads with his vision. He said his relationship with ESPN ended well. "I'm proud of the fact I had a daily show that ran for seven or eight years there," Rome said. "When CBS calls, you do not say no. And I just felt I had to try something new. I could have kept going and doing the same thing for several more years but I felt at this point of my career, I had to take something of a chance and stretch. But in terms of how it ended with ESPN, it ended well."

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