New Board! Yes, I know we all fear change...

Bill Lehecka

Staff member
So the board seems to be back. You are probably scared about the new layout. Perhaps wondering why you need to change your password... Well, no worries. Just breathe. Relax. I'll be working all weekend to make things comfy for you.

First off, any transition has its hiccups, and ours seems to be the following:

-I'm getting reports that your passwords didn't transition over. This is actually a GOOD thing. Security-wise, how would you feel if your password could be read on another system? Please change your password here. If you can't, email me at and I'll give you a temp password.

-Your avatar couldn't be transitioned over. You'll need to upload a new one. You can do so here

-Still having a problem posting? Start a personal conversation with me here. This is the new PM system.

-Getting emails for threads you've replied to? Change your preferences here:

I'm working all weekend to get things a bit back to a more familiar feel. Please be patient.