Podcast Discussion - "For What It's Worth" - 6.1.20

Bill Lehecka

General Zod
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Tony opens the show by talking to CNN's Chris Cillizza about the protests and riots that have engulfed so many cities across the country. ESPN's Brian Windhorst calls in to talk about the NBA's plans to start up again and when and how that might happen, Michael Wilbon phones in to discuss the protests and the impact it will have on the entire social fabric of the US, and Tony closes out the show by opening up the Mailbag.

Songs : Colin McKinnon "A Place To Place" ; The Ozark Mountain Daredevils "No Way Out"
Greetings, long-time lurker and listener to TK since 1999 (I still miss Denis Horgan)

I hope Tony has arrived to the realization that this is no longer, nor should it have been, a television show. And I sympathize with Cillizza's loss of his father, but I never want to hear a word fly out of his mouth concerning politics (nor much of anything else).
I thought that both CC and Wilbon were actually pretty good today.
I agree. Though I wish Wilbon didn’t watch 7 hours straight of CNN. CNN is more news channel performance art than an actual news channel these days. You go to CNN to get your opinion confirmed rather than to see what is going on in the world.

Speaking of performance art, I wish TK would have just gone straight to the topic of the day with Cilizza instead of going through five minutes of Cilizza’s bad dad schtick and slurping of Michael’s golf prowess. Kind of ruins the credibility of anything he had to say about the serious stuff. Cilizza needs to chill and not try so hard with the schtick.

Windhorst was good talking about the challenges the NBA faces with completing its season but felt really out of place with the tone of today’s show.

An aside, agree with him or not, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is actually a very good writer.

Today’s show would have been better in the traditional round table format. Can’t four people socially distance around Uncle Benny’s table?