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Bill Lehecka

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  • UPDATED: 2/09/2008

    While an old rule (and thought to be sarcastic), this rule was never added to the official rules and is not a joke.  As Harpua's sig line says:

    Post Padding is ILLEGAL on this board and will WARRANT SUSPENSION, FYI.--Bill Lehecka

    Post Padding Includes posting in a topic 6 times in a row or more in a short period of time. If you need to reply to a bunch of posts, please utilize the modify button to modify your last post with another quote or response. 

    UPDATED: 2/04/2008

    I figured some of us could use a friendly reminder from the old board.  I've reposting our posting guidelines over here at the new place. -BL

    Hi everybody. Welcome to Andy Polley's Happy Fun Time Message Board Extravaganza! I hope you find this board as a good place to talk about Mr. Tony's show, even with Mr. Tony on hiatus during his Monday Night Football gig. Please let me know if you have any issues with the site, as I wanted to get this up quickly.

    Enjoy your stay!

    UPDATED: 5/03/2006
    • It is strongly suggested not to respond to posts with only one word or a single emoticon. If there is humor in responding with single posts or emoticons, that is acceptible.
    • Show Discussion Threads should be limited to discussion of the show and topics borne out of the show discussion. Cross talk and regular banter should be confined in "rambler" threads. While TK is on hiatus, discussion should be kept in "Rambler" or "Daily Discussion" Threads.

    UPDATED: 8/24/2005
    • Questionable language is accepted (e.g. the seven dirty words), but unprovoked abuse is not. Consistent posting that is abusive to members of the Message Board will warrant a ban.  You may tease other members, but attacking and harrassing other members of this board unprovoked is not tolerated.

      Additionally, images (both in posts and in avatars) and videos of nudity, mutilation, and pictures deemed in bad taste can be posted, but only as a hyperlink and denoted NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Please be mindful of the other posters on the board and their sensibilities.

    When replying to a post, please only quote the relevant information.  If you end up with a quote 5 levels deep, but you're only responding to the latest post, please edit your post to have the relevant post you are responding to.  This will help keep the DB size down and prevent future DB meltdowns. The DB has been updated now and is more reliable, but precautionary measures are prudent.[/li]

It is suggested that topics not brought up on the show that are highly explosive (Religion, Politics, etc.) be kept in the Off-Topic Forum. If TK brings up a political issue on the show, however, it is free reign to discuss in the Show Discussion thread, but excessive political debate that leads to verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

Speaking of the Show Discussion Threads (And Rambler Threads), when there is a current day's thread, please keep discussion and any topics brought up in said thread in that day's thread.  Please do not resurrect older Show Discussion or Rambler Threads.  Any older Show Discussion Threads or Rambler reopened when the current one is running will be automatically locked.

New threads based on topics from the Show Discussion thread are encouraged if a topic that's brought up in the show discussion thread warrants its own thread.

  • NEW -- If a member's sole purpose is to disrupt the flow of conversation on the board and not add to the current conversation, a ban would be warranted at the discretion of the board administrators.

UPDATED: 3/26/2005

I've been busy adding new avatars to the mix.  Select from any of these creepy characters.

I'm thinking about creating an avatar section so people can choose different avs if they wish.  Some will be animated, some will be static.