PTI Week of November 20 - 24, 2023


Umbrella Person
:icon_mrtony: at home, :icon_wilbon: in studio

More significant win - Browns, Broncos or Bills?

Do you think more or less of Lions now?

What did Brandon Staley's defiance tell you?

Mail Time!

Did Michigan's win make you think they're better than Ohio State?

Where does Jordan Travis' injury leave Florida State?

Happy 54th Birthday Dabo Swinney!
Happy Anniversary A.C. Green! - set NBA record of consecutive games played 26 years ago
Happy Trails James Madison's Undefeated record! - JMU gets first loss of season to Appalachian State

Big Finish

Jimmy Johnson finally going in Cowboys Ring of Honor?
Are the 49ers back?
Texas Southern-LSU women intriguing?
Eagles-Chiefs Super Bowl LVII rematch who ya got?
Thoughts on another UNC title in Field Hockey?

Good Night Canada!



Umbrella Person
:icon_mrtony: at home, :icon_wilbon: in studio

Did Eagles beat Chiefs or did Chiefs beat themselves?

Are you surprised the Steelers fired offensive coordinator Matt Canada in-season?

Tom Brady sees "a lot of mediocrity" in the NFL?

2023 Turkeys Of The Year

Devin Danielson: Self-Striker
Grant Williams: Free Throw-Failer
Matthew Sexton: Premature-Celebrator
Ty Simpson: Premature-Celebrator
Alphonzo Tuputala: Premature-Celebrator
Trey Muse: Confused-Keeper
Tony Deangelo: Perry-Poker
Tim Anderson: Pugilism-Provoker
Michael Collins Jr.: Duke-Decker
Rockies Fans/Security: Acuna-Assaulters
Senbere Teferi: Wrong Way-Runner
Freeze Face Contestant: Finish Line-Faller
Marc Polmans: Match Point-Meltdowner
Mario Cristobal: Non-Kneeler
Gunner Olszewski: Field Position-Flubber
Connor Stallions: Stadium-Spier (Allegedly)
Dillon Brooks: Bron-Baiter
Draymond Green: Sabonis-Stomper/Gobert-Gagger

Happy 79th Birthday Earl "The Pearl" Monroe!
Happy Anniversary Doug Flutie! - Threw 62-yard Hail Mary to beat Miami 39 years ago
Happy Trails Another Game for Angel Reese! - missed second straight LSU game

Big Finish

Is 4-game suspension for Kareem Jackson fair?
Bill Belichick tells all Patriots QBs to be ready?
Thoughts on Sergino Dest's red card?
Is Mike Schildt a good choice as Padres manager?
Which Hawaii college basketball game is the better matchup?

Canada had their Thanksgiving last month so no flag for them

Wilbon hates pumpkin pie?!?!? That hurts me. I love pumpkin pie.