Radio's Kornheiser mum on Redskins owner lawsuit


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Radio's Kornheiser mum on Redskins owner lawsuit
Thursday - 2/17/2011, 4:08pm  ET

(AP)Neal Augenstein,

WASHINGTON -- Talk show host Tony Kornheiser makes his living stirring the pot, but he's steering clear of the controversy surrounding his radio boss, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder -- and telling guests to do the same.

Media analysts say Kornheiser may be protecting his livelihood, at the expense of his reputation as a straight-shooter.

Kornheiser's show in D.C. airs on a station owned by Snyder's Red Zebra Broadcasting.

"Trust from the audience is the root of your credibility," says Kelly McBride, media ethics professor at the Poynter Institute.

Acknowledging the role of talk show host is different from a reporter, McBride says tackling tough topics should be part of Kornheiser's job.

"If the audience thinks you have your loyalties with someone else, the audience doesn't value you quite as much," says McBride.

Contacted by WTOP for comment, Kornheiser's producer Marc Sterne said, "Tony is going to take a pass on this."

"This doesn't surprise me at all, to see Kornheiser would protect Dan Snyder in this regard," says Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers Magazine, which focuses on the talk show industry.

"What's he going to do, reveal something or attack Snyder and lose his job?" Harrison asks.

Washington Post reporter John Feinstein, who considers Kornheiser a friend, said he would reluctantly honor Kornheiser's request to not discuss Snyder.

"It's one of the dirty little secrets of the broadcast industry," says Harrison. "You have got to be careful about what you say that might be too critical or revealing about the hand that feeds you."

Snyder filed a civil lawsuit in New York City this month, against the Washington City Paper and the company that owns it, claiming coverage of him has been unfair.

Kuke Reynoso

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Bah Humbug!

Kornheiser's stock in trade is no longer his credibility - he's a yodeler, not a reporter. Are these other yahoos more credible because they incessantly yammer on about Snyder?  His job (post-Post) is to be funny, sometimes poignant, but always entertaining.  Tony's skill is weaving his personality in with the news and events of the day.  Part of that personality are his "blind spots" as Feinstein said.  "You take the good, you take the bad" as Gary said.  "You can be in my dream if I can be in yours" as Bob Dylan said.