Show Discussion--Thursday, February 28, 2008



Speaking of great announcers....that's what our podcast was on yesterday.  I just put it up online a few minutes ago.

I would really appreciate if any of you could take a listen.  I think it's pretty well done (this episode, not the ones with Neil!).  Also, if you could subscribe, even if you don't listen, it will help. And tell your friends to subscribe.  I'm really trying to grow it.  I'd love for you to, you know, actually listen, but the more people subscribed the better.
Thanks in advance....and thanks to David Kincannon and Roger in England who get props during the show.

The Bopper

Personal Assistant
Rob in Arlington said:
Yep, in the lot with a chain link fence topped by barbed wire and an attendant on duty.
Is that the won that has a concrete wall?

Or the one closer to Howard?

I have actually parked on the street... I think the ballpark street parking will be safer than that...