The Annual Call for Donations for 2023

Bill Lehecka

Staff member
Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again. Can you believe this site is now 18 years old? It’s crazy to think this site can technically vote now.

As in previous years, this donation campaign is for the yearly upkeep of the site. This includes the guts of the software to run, yearly fees like security certificates (that I promise won’t be delayed again), mailboxes, board software (we are due for an upgrade, so I will put in for one this month and communicate any downtime) and other incidentals that add up to maintain this place. The donations have kept this place afloat as I know I haven’t been around as much. But just because I don’t listen to the show as much anymore doesn’t mean this place should shut down.

As always, I truly appreciate you guys helping to keep this place alive.

Here is the link to the donation area: