The Annual Call for Donations for 2024

Bill Lehecka

Staff member
Hello fellow posters. It’s that time of year again where I have put up a donation campaign for the annual costs to run this site. We’ve already had three donors so far without this post so for that I am grateful. Next February this site will turn 20. Like, huh? How did that happen?

As always, the annual call is different than the monthly call as that covers the yearly things like Server Certificates, Message Board and website software, and all those other yearly fees that like to crop up. It is wholly voluntary.

Once again, I am truly humbled by the consideration. I may not visit here as often, but it’s nice to see that people still come here to kvetch about how weird it is that Tony keeps talking about golf and stuff.

The link to donate is below.

Thank you again, it is truly appreciated.