The APHFTMBE Upgraded with New Functionality!

Bill Lehecka

Staff member
So SMF has upgraded their board software to version 2.0 Gold, and I'm really excited about it.  Along with a more stable board experience, we've added a bunch of modifications to the site to make things a bit more fun here in Andy Polley Land. Some new features are:


LightBox: Like posting pictures? Well, embed a photo in your post, and the system will automatically make it clickable. When you click on an image, it will expand and make the background dark. Post multiple pictures, and you can make slideshows. Images uploaded to this site also now have LightBox capability.

Wiki BBC: Want to link to a WikiPedia article, but find the old setup cumbersome? Now it's simple! Just put these tags between your search term [ wiki ] [ /wiki ] (spaces removed). For instance: [wiki]Tony Kornheiser[/wiki]

IMDb BBC: Want to link to a movie on The Internet Movie Database? It's simple now, with a BBC similar to the Wikipedia One. For Instance: [imdb]The Princess Bride[/imdb]

Message Preview on Hover: See a bunch of topics, and you're curious what they're about? Highlight your mouse over the title link, and see a brief snippet of the post just made!

Google +1: Like a post? Click on Google +1 to increase its standing in Google's Search Engine.

Facebook Like: Like a topic? Tell your friends by clicking on the "Like" button.

Save as Draft: Writing a long post and you want to save it for later? Now you can! Find your saved posts under your profile link.

ENotify: Now when you get a private message, a popup window will appear with the name of the sender at the top right of the page.

Gaming IDs: Have an XBox Live, PSN, or Steam Account? Go into your profile and add your account name. Your stats will show up under your name. For an example, check out my icons under my avatar.


More updates will be coming. Thanks again for making the Andy Polley Happy Fun Time Extravaganza what it is today!