Welcome to the New Board!

Bill Lehecka

Staff member
Hi everybody, and welcome to the Andy Polley Happy Fun Time Message Board Extravaganza, Mark III.  A lot has changed here since the last version of the message board. Before I go through the list of changes, please, if you registered at the old place, you'll need to re-register for this place if you want to fully enjoy the fun (voting on polls, access to features for only members). Register here:

http://www.thiswebsitestinks.com/aphftm ... n=register

Now, for a list of updates:

-Larger Avatars.  You're no longer constrained with 80x80 avatars. You can now choose from a large assortment of pre-defined avatars, or upload your own.
-Spoiler Tag (
) Now you can show spoilers with the click of a button.
-Automatic Poster Feeds: We have a poster now who combs through RSs Feeds and posts the news here that you care about and can comment on here.
-Inline Editing. Click on the
  icon so you can edit your post and repost without reloading the page.
-The Search Feature actually works! Sorts posts by relevance.
-PDA Access: Access the board on your PDA or mobile device. http://www.thiswebsitestinks.com/aphftm ... .php?imode
-Universal Gallery: Upload pictures in our Universal Gallery.
-Modify your own experience: Don't want to see signatures and Avatars, you don't have to.  Want to pick and choose which emotes you use, you can! Want to turn on the Quick Reply feature?  You can. Want a different theme?  You can choose one (new themes will be added in the near future)
-Add attachments to your posts: Have a file, but no where to host it, upload it here!
-Updated ShoutBox:  People might actually use the ShoutBox now.
-RSS Feeds: Want a particular forum to be fed to your RSS Program? You can now!
-See which users are looking at which forum and/or which post.
-Upgraded Subscription Feature: Easily subscribe to any topic and be notified of replies to your posts on the board.
-Topic Page Numbers don't take up most of the page now.
-Easier Upgradability: Upgrades to the forum are easier now, so if there's a new feature we want to add, it's as simple as plug and play.
-Upgraded Personal Message System: Be notified of a PM automatically with a Popup Window.
-Upgraded Poll Options and features.

And there's much more. Enjoy your stay here and make yourself comfortable.