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Grandview star suffers rare injury
Special to The Palm Beach Post
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
BOCA RATON ? Isaac Sosa knew he was seriously injured when he took a knee to the groin while driving to the basket late in Saturday's boys basketball regional final against Miami-Choice Learning Academy.
But the Grandview Prep senior guard stayed in the game, hitting a three-pointer to seal the Pride's win and a Class 1A final four berth.

Now Sosa, the team's leading scorer, won't be playing in the state tournament. He had emergency surgery Sunday on a fractured testicle, a rare injury that doctors told him usually occurs among hockey players.
"It was a perfect hit," Sosa said Monday at his home, where teammates visited before preparing to leave for Wednesday's state tournament opener in Lakeland. "I've never heard of anything like this before."
Sosa, who came home from the hospital Monday, can walk with assistance but he is under orders to remain in bed for the next couple of days.
Grandview players sported patches with the Puerto Rican flag and Sosa's No. 13 on their shirts during an in-school pep rally Monday. They'll face Tallahassee-FAMU High in the state semfinals without their only senior's 19.5 points and six rebounds per game.
Standing by Sosa's bedside, Grandview Prep coach Joe Dawson told his players: "We can still do it. Someone else needs to step up."
One by one, Grandview players walked to the side of Sosa's bed to hug him, exchange handshakes and whisper words of encouragement.
"I just tried to hold my tears as long as I could," said Sosa, still wearing his hospital bracelet. "It's terrible."
Sosa's teammates knew he was in pain in the final moments Saturday, but it wasn't until Paidrick Matilus was taking free throws that Sosa admitted to Adam Topel that he was hurting.
"Everyone gets pain but his pain (threshold) is tremendous," said Topel, who likely will replace Sosa in the starting lineup. "He's a tough kid.
"Nothing really hurts him. I knew he was hurt, so I knew it must have been really serious."
Following the game Sosa sat, legs sprawled, on the locker-room floor. A Grandview trainer told Dawson that Sosa probably needed to go to the hospital.
Dawson and Sosa's father, Carmelo, took the player to Boca Raton Community Hospital. An MRI on Sunday morning showed a fracture in the testicle and that part of it needed to be removed. Doctors told Sosa there still is a small chance that the entire testicle will need to be removed.
"My main worry was that Isaac's dream was to play in the state finals, then when the moment comes, this situation happens," said Carmelo Sosa, who came to Boca Raton from his native Puerto Rico on Friday to see his son play.
Isaac Sosa pleaded for a chance to play in the state tournament.
"I even told the doctor, 'I don't care if I have to take surgery, I just want to play the game. Is there a way I can play this final four, then I'll take surgery after that?' " he said. "I wasn't worried about the surgery itself. I was worried about playing.''
Sosa told his teammates that he would try to make it to Lakeland to see them play. After the team bus left, however, his father said there was no way he would let Sosa go.
This is the second consecutive year of disappointment for Sosa. Last year he was ineligible to play during Grandview's run to the state semifinals because he transferred to the school too late in the season.
"To know that I'm not going to be part of it again in my senior year, it's the worst," Sosa said.
He's expected to make a full recovery, however, and hopes to be playing AAU basketball by April.


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Great googily moogily, that causes me sympathy pains just reading the article.  I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies.  Maybe Dave Hughes, though...